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About Us

The Callbox Team

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Callbox is one of those companies that have been around the block long enough to be considered an industry veteran. But we are by no means an “old-timer”. After more than a decade of dishing out sales leads to thousands of satisfied clients, we’re still learning and evolving day by day, as though we’re just getting started.

We’re like that favorite uncle who has all the wise words but also knows what the cool kids are listening to. One foot in the past, one foot in the present and both eyes dead set on the future.

We started small but we dreamed big.

Our company was founded in 2004 — that’s right, we’re as old as that other famous company — with only a handful of telemarketers using good ole VOIP, a modest office and a whale of an ambition. With a couple new clients here and a few closes there, business was pretty sweet for us in that small corner in downtown Los Angeles.

With slow but steady increase in client base, we eventually outgrew our little nook and so we decided to move across the seven seas and put up a bigger call center facility in the Philippines. Soon enough, additional operation centers in Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, and the UK . And just like that (with a staggering amount of hard work, no less), we became what we are now, 10 years later: an award-winning sales and marketing solutions provider with over 700 full-time employees serving over 6,000 clients around the world.

We play the game pretty seriously.

We’re not just about getting the best sales and marketing people and putting them under one roof; we’re also about passion and creativity and working smart. We also like competing, not only against other companies (although we’ve clearly kicked some butt in that department), but even within our own workplace.

Yes, our competitive nature makes us better service providers, and that’s why our clients stick around. Hearing them talk about how we’ve helped them reach their goals inspires us to do even better.

We’re pushers.

But the good kind. We have very high expectations from ourselves individually and as a bunch. Our meeting rooms are a melting pot of collaborative brains — we conjure ideas, we brew concepts, and we turn them into something useful.

We have this persistent yearning for innovation, an itch for movement and hustle. Our greatest fear is to get stuck in a state of dormancy. We’re a rolling stone.

We exist to amaze.

Our CEO Rom Agustin strongly believes that in the years to come, Callbox will do something even more amazing and great.

We are always looking to improve and reinvent ourselves; that’s the Callbox culture that has made us extremely successful,” he said. “And we will continue to do so every single year in the future.”

Tried and true.

Lackluster leads? We eat that for breakfast. Declining closes? Child’s play. Any kind of sales and marketing obstacle, we’ve seen ‘em all. It’s our thing. We’re the ticket. The go-to team.

We’d be thrilled to have you as our client. Here’s where you begin. If you’re just looking around, you may want to hook up with us on Facebook and Twitter or check out our blog. You may also drop an email to info@callboxinc.co.uk.

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