Powered-Up & Salesforce Ready

Powered-Up & Salesforce Ready

Using Salesforce to manage your leads?
We got you covered.

Callbox DialStream gives your business the edge by providing a faster, more efficient way of contacting, connecting, and closing more leads.

Salesforce Integration
You want Callbox to generate your sales leads for you, but you and your sales team are very comfortable using Salesforce to manage your leads and sales activities. Solution: DialStream.

Turbo-charged Dialer
Built with such speed and flexibility, DialStream delivers massive efficiency gains and better overall sales performance. Opportunity waits for no one, so we work fast.

Smarter Conversation
DialStream makes way for better and smarter engagement with prospects as it presents customer data relevant to each call.

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Seamlessly integrated with Salesforce

When you sign up for a lead generation campaign with us and would prefer your Callbox team to work with your prospect lists directly from your Salesforce account (Enterprise), Callbox DialStream makes it possible.

Our dialer solution is seamlessly integrated with Salesforce, which means that:

  • Your Callbox callers can dial your Salesforce contacts directly through DialStream; No software installation or contact data migration required
  • When your Callbox callers add notes to each call, send an email, or leave a voicemail message, all data are logged directly to your Salesforce account in real time
  • Call reports (duration, result, etc.) can be generated using the Salesforce report engine

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Turbo-charged dialer every sales caller must have

DialStream streamlines and accelerates your team’s sales performance. By eliminating the need for manual dialing, this turbo-charged software significantly increases not only the number of calls you can make, but also the amount of time you and your sales reps spend talking to prospects.

Call prospects, send emails, leave voicemail messages, and automate call logging, all with such speed and flexibility that delivers massive efficiency gains and better overall sales performance.

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Like a cutting-edge predictive dialer… only smarter

DialStream combines its revolutionary dialing capabilities with rich prospect data to ensure smarter conversations based on specific customer pain points.

The moment you click-to-dial a number, the dialer opens a window containing contextual information about the contact, including notes from previous calls, which can help you in creating powerful talking points. After all, it’s not just about the number of calls but, even more importantly, it’s the quality of conversation that determines the value of each call.

If you’re a Salesforce user and you want to see more qualified leads every time you log in to your Salesforce account, call or email us now to talk about getting your very own Callbox team on DialStream.

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