Callbox Expands its Operations in Asia With a New
Callcenter Facility

Callbox Expands its Operations in Asia With a New
Callcenter Facility

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Los Angeles, CA – November 25, 2005 – based Callbox, officially opened its second facility in Iloilo City, Philippines on November 9, 2005 to meet increasing demand for its world-class outsourcing services. The sprawling site, topping 16,000 square feet was specifically designed for modern task-group style operation, allowing dozens of clients to be served by their teams in dedicated office suites. Custom-designed workstations provide agents more workspace, more comfort, easier inter-team coordination, and a more creative environment than any call center to date. Callbox can now accommodate over 450 highly qualified agents and technology specialists.

“Callbox is not surprised to be doubling its capacity for the seventh straight quarter. It’s only good business to respond swiftly to sheer demand. It’s simple reinvestment in our people and our clients.” said Glen Norris, Chief Operations Officer. Due to demand for ever-broader services, Callbox is designing all unmet infrastructure projects to scale directly to large-scale business process outsourcing center.

Callbox continued its technical innovation by integrating all call reporting and telecom operations seamlessly with the first facility, proving their concept of open source LAN independent call processing. It’s important for our clients not to be limited to any third-party feature set or hardware, whereas our main concern was to prevent geography from limiting our clients’ expansion. The only solution was to design and build our own switch network. Writing the first end-to-end open source contact center took us man-years, but now we can provide exactly what our clients request, 90% of the time. …[and] we’re free to scale just as fast as our clients want to grow, unharnessed by expensive hardware and consultants. That’s a good feeling.

Within three weeks of opening, the second facility already accommodates 11 new accounts. With technological proof-of-concept behind them, and daunting business volume on the horizon, Callbox will begin third facility drawings January 2006 in order to break ground within 12 months.

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