Australia’s Leading Technology Broker
Captures More Leads with Callbox

Australia’s Leading Technology Broker
Captures More Leads with Callbox

The Client

The Client is a certified Microsoft Partner, and Australia’s leading technology broker and retailer of a wide range of brand name technology products. It operates an online store serving a wide client base composed of corporate organizations, academic institutions, government sectors, and resellers throughout the country.

The Challenge

The Client was seeking an outbound telemarketing partner to promote its IT products and generate leads for its inside sales team. Highly technical in nature, the Client required domain expertise to handle inquiries confidently, and the ability to capture and communicate the technical details of each call.
Rather than risk a costly trial-and-error with “generic” telemarketers from unfocused lead generation companies, the Client hired Callbox due to its capability to provide technically sound telemarketers with relevant experience in the IT field.

The Callbox Solution

At the kick-off meeting the Client was able to speak with each facet of the Callbox team: an account manager, a research and data analyst, two experienced Callbox agents, their team leader, and a quality analyst.

During the meeting, lead qualification criteria were discussed and set, and the potential clients were identified: IT managers, system administrators, infrastructure managers, procurement managers, and office managers. With the Client’s approval, Callbox developed a call guide, which was subsequently modified according to the Client’s ongoing store promo and type of campaign.

Despite the technical nature of the campaign, the team, confident in its ability and readiness, started calling in July 2010. The first campaign targeted Microsoft users with near-term requirement for software licensing or upgrade to any of the latest versions of Microsoft applications such as Office, Exchange, Sharepoint, and Project 2010. Satisfied with the results, the Client re-contracted for two more projects to endorse its HP server trade-in and Lenovo Thinkpad promos. Callbox averaged 250 calls per day, from 9AM to 6PM, Monday through Friday.

The Client made clear that regular reporting was crucial.  Reports were delivered daily so that its salespeople could respond promptly to appointments and other actionable statistics.  Each call was recorded and rigorous data quality checks were employed at every stage of the campaign to ensure perfect execution of every task.

In all campaigns, contacts were asked if they might have pending requirements for the product, and if they would be interested in receiving a quote. Information requests were processed without delay via PipelineCRM’s Save&Send feature which allowed Callbox agents to send the Client’s brochures and price quotes without leaving the calling interface or the momentum of the shift.  To make best use of every call, uninterested contacts were offered a monthly price list of the Client’s products, and their e-mails were obtained for the Client’s database.

The Results

During the 3-month campaign, Callbox was able to deliver a strong pipeline of warm leads, freeing the Client’s time for meeting with sales-ready customers.

  • Callbox generated a total of 207 leads for the Client.
  • 474 contacts requested future callbacks and additional information.

With such a surge in leads and appointments, the Client decided to pause the campaign for a minimum of two months in order to accommodate all the new opportunities.


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