Giant Software Company Finds Callbox at the End of
Quest for Sustainable Marketing Solution

Giant Software Company Finds Callbox at the End of
Quest for Sustainable Marketing Solution

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The Client

The Client is a well-known software manufacturer with 60 offices in 23 countries and a worldwide customer base of more than 100,000. Since its founding in 1987, it has developed, manufactured, and supported software products used by IT professionals for application management, database management, virtualization, cloud automation, and back-up and recovery solutions.

In 2011, The Client was recognized as a leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Application Performance Monitoring.

The Challenge

The Client has an impressive line of software products and a proficient in-house team whose expertise is making sales presentations. However, it sometimes struggles to generate enough sales leads and business appointments to keep its salespeople constantly engaged in revenue-generating priorities. Having compiled an extensive database of existing and potential clients over the years, the Client recognized that it could maximize this resource if it had a lead generation partner capable of executing a telemarketing campaign focused on converting its contacts into qualified selling opportunities.

The Client partnered with Callbox to set up an outbound telemarketing campaign with the following goals:

  • To call potential customers from the Client’s database and invite prospects to sign-up for the Client’s seminars.
  • To set and deliver B2B appointments with qualified sales leads to the Client for follow-up and close.

The Callbox Solution

In September 2011, Callbox set up an RSVP campaign to generate sign-ups and drive attendance to the Client’s seminar in Singapore. Prior to this, the Client had organized similar campaigns but had been disappointed with the turnout. In this campaign, Callbox put every ounce of talent and experience in B2B telemarketing into exceeding the Client’s expectations in terms of RSVP and turnout rates.

As with any call-to-invite campaign, some prospects RSVP’d “just in case” they could make it while others declined due to conflicting schedules. To ensure no opportunity was wasted, Callbox worked closely with the Client’s team in qualifying and following up on targets prior to the seminar. Additionally, prospects who expressed interest but could not attend for various reasons were set up for telephone appointments with the Client’s sales team, who could define the best approach for each case.

The Results

The outcome of the initial campaign was impressive: a whopping 70% RSVP rate (52 confirmed out of 74 RSVP’s) and 70 phone appointments after 17 calling days. Encouraged by these results, the Client organized monthly seminars the following year and diverted its entire marketing budget to four RSVP and two telemarketing lead generation campaigns in Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines from February to October 2012. Throughout these campaigns, Callbox consistently exceeded the Client’s monthly quota.

  • 73% RSVP rate (394 confirmed out of 534 RSVP’s)
  • 150 phone appointments
  • 122 sales leads


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