Struggling to Personalize your Content for UK Companies- Follow these Tips

Struggling to Personalise your Content for UK Companies? Follow these Tips


 Struggling to Personalize your Content for UK Companies- Follow these Tips


Personalisation plays a key, if not essential, role in B2B lead generation. If we ask marketers today about the best way to engage potential clients, they would say “personalised content” right off the bat.


This is true regardless of a B2B company’s location and target audience. In the United Kingdom that is home to thousands of enterprises catering to a variety of industries, relevant and industry-specific content is the hottest thing since Benedict Cumberbatch.


But we’re not going to discuss that now (and especially not Cumberbatch). The most important concern right now is whether a B2B company in the UK is able to harness personalised content effectively. A recent survey shows a very bleak outlook. found out that 56 percent of 122 companies in the UK say they are struggling with personalised content, declaring that they do not tailor content based on the buyers’ journey, while just 16 per cent are able to identify individual profiles and serve them content based on their specific position.

So even if we absorb all this hype about personalised content in the UK, we are at most unaware of the actual realities that are currently at play. The survey implies that more than half of B2B companies lack a full understanding of creating content with high value to potential clients.



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But of course, problems like this can be avoided. Here are some tips you might want to apply to keep your B2B lead generation rolling with a regular stream of fresh and relevant content.


Be  minimalistic

If you want to attract a high number of visitors, then you might want to consider producing content in hefty quantities. More means better chances, right? Not necessarily because it’s a little known fact that giving your audience more information than it can chew only promises a waste of time and money. And not to mention a decline in quality, so you might want to keep your messages minimal instead.

Inform and educate

Compensate for the minimal amount of content you can produce by enhancing the educative aspect of your messages. Customers readily respond to anything that purports to teach them something new.

Get your profiles scrubbed

Don’t know what kind of information you want to publish? You can set up a customer profiling system to help you understand the immediate needs of your market and develop strategies to leverage these needs. Using such a software, along with applying the above tips, can effectively streamline your content campaign so you can struggle no longer.


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