Presenting LinkedIn’s Top Performing UK Brands

Ever since it began operations, LinkedIn has become the platform of choice for professionals and businesses. And now with over 300 million users worldwide, there’s no question this social networking site enjoys the reputation of being a highly reliable tool for building bridges, constructing sturdy foundations, fishing for opportunities… you get the drift.

In terms of helping businesses expand, the site affords companies with an excellent avenue for promoting their brands and attracting high-quality leads. There are thousands of companies in the UK alone that use the site for audience engagement, and LinkedIn has been paying close attention to their successes.

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Update your LinkedIn Profile for a Better Lead Generation

Update your LinkedIn Profile for a Better Lead Generation

In fact, LinkedIn has listed the top ten performing UK brands for 2015:

1). EY: A private accounting firm that offers advisory services and helps companies “identify and capitalize on business opportunities”.

2). Hays: A company that specializes in professional recruitment, Hays provides skilled workers to over 244 offices in 33 countries.

3). BP: Energy giant BP owes much of its marketing successes to its efforts in tackling the need for cleaner energy. It has a strong content marketing campaign focusing on climate change and environmental safety.

4). Financial Times: Known to be a reliable source of information for the global business community, this news outlet has gained positive successes through publishing long form and highly detailed content on its LinkedIn profile.

5). McKinsey & Company: This consulting firm has tons of experience working with organizations from various sectors, from manufacturing to finance. It does so well in terms of creating relevant  content that touches on these specific demographics.

6). The Economist: Another media company on LinkedIn’s list, The Economist offers a good dose of analytical journalism for its audience consisting mainly of business leaders and influencers.

7). Michael Page: Along with Hays, Michael Page has been a major voice in the professional recruitment industry. Its reach is global, and that explains why it frequently promotes content in various languages, including French and Spanish.

8). Unilever: We all know this brand when we go out shopping for personal hygiene and food products. Quality-wise, it offers only the best – much like how it manages its content strategy by incorporating current trends and industry-related news.

9). Standard Chartered Bank: With around 1,600 branches world wide, this influential bank weighs in on current events impacting the world financial sector for its content marketing.

10). GSK: This leading research firm in the healthcare industry provides new developments in the pharmaceutical industry as well as stories about how healthcare entrepreneurs can offer better products for the community.


Source:    NEWS: LinkedIn announces the top 10 most influential brands


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