Lead Generation Services and Appointment Setting

Capture your future customers with our lead generation and appointment setting services

Drive your sales with qualified business leads and meetings

Callbox arms you with the data, people, strategies, and tools needed to execute your lead gen plan to perfection. We’ll help you build a solid lead generation process to capture the interest of your best buyers, develop them into warm prospects through nurturing and create a faster route to sales.

High-value Contacts and Accounts

Go after your ideal buyers. Leverage rich contact profiles and company insights to personalize and tailor your lead generation messaging and activities.

Qualified Leads and Sales Appointments

Focus on building relationships and winning deals. Our team will handle the tasks of finding potential customers, qualifying leads, and setting appointments for you.

Perfect Timing, Visibility Across Channels

Go beyond the spray-and-pray tactics of long ago. We make timely touchpoints across multiple channels so your offer reaches more customers.

Array of Tools Optimized for Sales

Equip your revenue team with the proper tech stack to engage leads, manage sales appointments, and convert opportunities into customers.

How We Help Your Business Grow

Exceed your sales targets.

Callbox is proud to help the world’s most successful brands achieve their sales and marketing goals

I am very impressed with the business that Callbox has become.

Marcus Lemonis, a billionaire entrepreneur in the US who builds up businesses, tells companies that the key to a successful business is to have the right people, a well-defined process, and a quality product. In the case of Callbox, you have very good people that can be successful because of a very well-designed process which results in a quality product for your clients.

— Eugene Alfaro

They showed hard work and dedication and we really enjoyed working with them this past year.

We have worked with Callbox for about a year now and Narz has been our personal account manager. And it has been an incredibly pleasant experience. Our product is not the easiest thing to understand and it is a bit challenging, but they weren't afraid of a challenge and they were incredibly fast learners. Their hard work did not go unnoticed. The LIQWID team wishes them the best on their future endeavours.

— Valentina Mentchoukov

How We Help Companies Grow

As your outsourced marketing partner, we support different types of B2B marketing strategies from top-of-funnel lead generation all the way to account-based marketing programs. We carry out our outreach efforts across six channels so you can reach more potential customers.


  1. Send Personalized Emails
  2. Send Event-triggered Emails 


  1. Call Opens from Intro Email
  2. Call Opens from Follow-up Email


  1. Invite to Connect
  2. Send Follow-up Email


  1.   24/7 Sales Chat Support
  2. Forward Qualified Leads
  3. Follow-up Warm Prospects via Call & Email


  1.  Display Banner Ads to Target Prospects
  2. Identify Prospects that Visit Your Website
  3. Follow-up Prospects via Call & Email


  1. Promote the webinar
  2. Facilitate the webinar
  3. Measure the webinar’s performance

Manage leads. Monitor campaigns. Nurture relationships.

Get your marketing running on all gears.

By combining the power of our in-house campaign management platform, Callbox Pipeline, and the highly-rated sales and marketing software, HubSpot, we create a more seamless, end-to-end customer acquisition process to drive your sales and grow your revenue.



Managed IT Firm, a Long-Term Callbox Client, Closes $150K in One Campaign

Vendors selling complex products need technically savvy marketers to engage potential customers. Callbox shared its industry expertise with this managed IT provider, and helped the Client close $150,000 in sales. READ FULL STORY


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