Sales Database Solutions

Find and connect with the right decision makers, improve lead quality, and close deals faster.

Marketing and prospecting campaigns rely on quality data to work well. With 24% to 36% of CRM data becoming stale and outdated each year, high-level engagement strategies like personalization and content planning simply won’t work.

We offer a variety of data-related solutions to help organizations overcome the challenges of data maintenance and acquisition. Whether you’re looking for a leads list or lack the resources to keep your customer list fresh and updated, our database services give you the tools and marketing intelligence needed to identify your ideal customers and engage them effectively.

We help you maintain and enrich your data through:

Data Cleansing

  • Data Normalization
  • Deduplication
  • Data maintenance

Customer Profiling

  • Company and contacts profiling
  • Data (Email, phone, etc.) verification
  • Data appending

Targeted Lists

  • Filter by demographic and firmographic data
  • Enrich with technographics and intent data

1 Data Cleansing or Data Cleaning

Eliminate stale contacts, duplicate entries and unqualified prospects from your database with our tech-enabled and human-verified data cleansing solutions. Clean data helps you optimize your marketing and sales through better conversations, improved workflows and faster sales.

2 Customer Profiling

Identify your ideal customers and connect with the right people that drive purchase decisions. Our customer profiling solutions let you leverage rich company insights and contact profiles so you can deliver relevant and timely messaging to your prospects.

3 Targeted Lists

Build your ideal customer / leads list using the data points and specifications that matter most to your organization. With our in-house database of 35M target accounts, you can compile by demographics, firmographics, technographics and intent data to ensure that you’re targeting the best-fit companies and contacts.


Callbox Profiles Key In-House List for Government Agency, Lifts Email KPIs

The Client is the head office of a government agency in a Southeast Asian country. The Client develops and implements foreign trade policies, as well as regulates the country’s export and import industries. READ FULL STORY


Data Accuracy


Contacts Profiled

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